Effectively Using eBay Store Categories to Increase Your Sales

One easy thing that any seller with an eBay store can do to increase sales is use their “Store Categories” effectively.

When store categories started, you were allowed 30 categories, now you’re allowed 100 categories and each item you list can be put in to two categories.

  Store categories are a great way to organize your store and increase sales.  The easier it is for customer s to find items in your store, the more likely your items will sell.

I have some categories in my store that are more general like “Women’s Clothing” “Men’s Clothing” “Coffee Mugs” and I have some that are very specific like “Starbucks” “Hanna Andersson” “Gymboree”  that way if someone is looking specifically for a Hanna Andersson item, they can easily find all of the Hanna Andersson items in my store.

I start with the more generic categories in my store and then when I see that I have several items that could be in their own category, I make a category for it and edit my listings in bulk to move the selected items into their new category.

  Some of the more recent categories I’ve added are “Athletic Clothes” “Shoes” “ Coffee Mugs” “Puppets” and I’ve seen an increase in sales in each of these areas.  Previously, the athletic clothes were in either Men’s or Women’s Clothing depending on which one was appropriate for the item.  They’re still in Men’s or Women’s clothing, but now the second store category is Athletic Clothes, which makes it much easier for people to find them.

It was the same with my “Coffee Mug” category.  I primarily sell Starbucks coffee mugs, so they were always in my “Starbucks” category, but now that I’ve created a category just for coffee mugs, I sell 1 or 2 mugs a week.  Before I created the “Coffee Mug” category, I would sell 1 or 2 coffee mugs a month. 

So, take a peek at your store, analyze your categories and decide if there’s a more specific category you could add to make it easier for buyers to look through your store, then sit back and see if it helps increase your sales.

  My recommendation is to analyze your store categories each month to see if there are any you should add to make your store more organized.  Store categories don’t cost you anything to have, so you might as well maximize their effectiveness in your store.


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