Saving Time on Your eBay Listings

When I first started selling, I took the long way around in almost every area.

Shipping, Shopping, Photos, Listing, you name it.

Not knowing what else to do, I clicked on “sell” at the top of my eBay page every time I needed to sell an item.  I chose a category, chose my store categories, wrote a title, description, copied & pasted my standard wording at the bottom of every listing.

Somewhere along the line, I realized that I didn’t have to do that.

I could list in less than half the time by doing this:

1.Take pictures of the items I’m going to list (usually 15-20 pictures at a time.)  I load them all at one time to so that I don’t have to load them individually to eBay during the listing process.

2. Click on my store icon and search in my own store for an item similar to the  item I’m listing, and use that item as a “template.”

For instance, if I’m listing a mug, I can click on the coffee mug  category, or I can search “coffee mug” .

Then I click on a coffee mug listing and click “sell similar item”  That way, my eBay categories and store categories are already set.  Once in awhile, I make  changes depending on the item.

At this point,  the majority of my item title is done based on the item I used as a “template.”  I change any necessary words in the title, change the pictures and anything in the listing  specific to the item I’m listing. I set the shipping and price–many times, they are the same as the template item.

Then BOOM it’s done!

This method works well with clothing because I have all of the important things in my listing (Size, measurements, fabric content) I don’t have to worry about forgetting  the fabric content, or the length of the sleeves because I already had that information in the listing for the previous item. All I have to do is change the specifics for that item in the description.

Even if I don’t have an item exactly like the one I want to list, I still use an existing listing as a template.  If   I’m listing  a toy, I’ll use any toy listing and make the necessary changes.  It’s still a huge time saver because all of my wording is already there, I’m just changing the specifics for that item.

This method is AWESOME when I’m listing several things in a row that are the same.  I can knock out a pile of 20 pairs of jeans in under an hour using this method.  At the end of each listing, I just click on “sell similar” item and make the necessary changes.

Another thing I do frequently is sell an item and then find another item exactly like it a week or so later.  All I have to do at that point is go into my “sold” items, scroll down to the item and click on “relist”  WOW…..that was fast!

Those are my favorite listings.  You can go back in your sold items for 60 days.  If I can’t find it in my sold items, but I know I recently received feedback for the item, I’ll click on my feedback, find the item, click on it and then click “relist” item.

What saves you time when you’re listing items?


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One Response to “Saving Time on Your eBay Listings”
  1. Lisa Graffius Blasdell says:

    Great article, Rachel! I really like Seller’s Sourcebook for similar reasons. But an added benefit of that program is that you can schedule listings and since I sometimes list in the morning – but don’t really want the item to end in the morning that is a big help to me!

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