Rachel’s eBay Pricing Strategy

After selling on eBay for 5 years, I primarily go with my gut instinct on pricing.

If I’m unsure, I’ll do some minimal research on an item by searching for it on eBay and by looking in the completed listings on eBay.  I decide what price I want to get for an item and then increase the price so that I have room to accept best offers.

If I price an item at $24.99, it might sell for that or someone might send an offer for $19.99.  But if I priced it at $19.99, then someone might send  an offer for $14.99.  If  I pad items a bit,I’lll make more on the item, even after accepting an offer.

The other thing I do when pricing items is decide how much I want to price an item at and then add .99 to the price.  So if I want to sell it for $24, I list it at $24.99.  My selling average has been 150 items a month, so by adding an additional .99 to each item, I have the potential to make an extra $150 a month, just by pricing this way.

What’s your pricing strategy?


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