Investing in eBay Inventory

I tell people that eBay is one of the few businesses you can get started with just $10.


If you had just $10 and went to yardsales, and thriftstores, found 10 items and sold each of them at an average selling price of $10, you would sell $100 that week.  (We know that’s not all profit, but stay with me…….)

You take $10 out of that, put the rest on a bill and go find 10 more items and sell them for an average of $10 each and now, you’ve sold another $100.

Throw in some items from around the house that you’re getting rid of, and your sales will be higher.

Where else can you take $10, invest it and come out with $100 in just a week or two?  (And please don’t say “at the casino.” Gambling is not investing.)

Do you see what I’m getting at?  When you spend money on your eBay inventory, it’s an investment.

Some investments are high risk, (items you’ve never sold any of in the past, items that you paid more for than you normally would, etc.)  some investments are low risk (items you’ve sold in the past and you know will bring you a quick profit.)

Some of your investments may sit in your store for awhile, some may yield a return right away, but honestly even if an item sits in your store for a year, could you have taken the $2.99 you paid for that item to the bank and come out with $29.99 a year later?

A couple of years ago, my mom was upset because she had a doctor bill that needed to be paid and she was going to have to use the money from some items she had me list on eBay to pay the bill………I said, “Mom, look at it this way, would you rather pay $100 a month out of pocket on your doctor bill, or would you rather spend $15 a month at the thriftstore and turn it into $100 and use that on your bill?”

As you build your business, the amount that you have invested will grow, and you should see your return increasing too.

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