How to Make it Through the Slow Winter Months

It seems like the online sales tend to slow down this time of year. Sales picked up for Christmas, and now, even though you’re making some sales, it’s much slower than it was during the Christmas season.

The first two years that I sold on ebay, I thought to myself…..“How do people who rely on their ebay income make it financially this time of year?” I knew that I wasn’t making it. Sometimes I’d go for days without a sale.

When that happens, there are two things you can do:

You can accept it and say…..”oh well, that’s just what happens this time of year”…….and be on your merry way (upset that your sales are down.)


You can refuse to accept it and say……”I’m going to find a solution to increase my sales over the winter months.”

I choose to do the latter. There are plenty of sales to be made during the winter months, and I plan to make them.

First of all…..don’t limit yourself.  Just because it’s not the back to school season, it doesn’t mean you can’t list a backpack in your store.  Just because it’s not Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t have Christmas inventory in your store.  Just because it’s not summer, it doesn’t mean you can’t have swimming suits, capris and sandals in your store……..stop asking yourself “should I list this?” and just list it.  You never know what people are looking for and if it’s not listed in your store, it can’t sell.

You’d be surprised at what will sell during the off season, if you’ll just put it in your store.

Second of all…..don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  I know people who sell just one type of item on eBay.  While that’s great to specialize in one area……….the downside is that if it’s the off season for that item, your sales will go way down.

I want consistency each month.  I know that sales will vary from month to month and of course, I’m trying to increase my online sales, but I like them to stay with in $200 from the previous month if it’s going to be less than my previous month. (On the other side, I like them to go up as much as I can get them to go from the previous month, of course)

If you only sell plush, during the back to school rush, your sales will go down.  If you only sell clothes, your sales will go down in the Christmas rush, etc…….if you’re not already selling a variety of items, give it a try.  You can still specialize in an area, but try to branch out a bit……..a wise person once said…..

“Why not go out on a limb?  That’s where all the fruit is.”

Lastly…..keep listing. It’s like what Dorie on “Finding Nemo” says……”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…..”  except, just keep listing.

During the slow times, it’s easy to sit back, get discouraged and not list new inventory….I know, I’ve been there myself.  The only thing that I found that would get me out of my sales slump is to keep listing new inventory.  I started telling myself that what I list this week will turn into next week’s sales……..of course not literally…..but usually if I list $500 worth of items this week, I’ll make around $500 in sales next week.

For the last two years, what has been selling for me in January and February is Starbucks mugs and bears, jeans, sweaters, shoes, and textbooks.  I don’t know why, but for some reason, the Starbucks sales spike in January.

So, stop accepting that your sales are down, and start listing.  Start your spring cleaning a little early and find items around the house that you can list and get busy :)



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Just found this site over the weekend and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I read through every single post! Great information, great stories, and great advice. I’ll be a regular now!

    We’re so glad you found us! Don’t be a stranger. Lizzie

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