Achieving Consistency in Online Sales

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When people find out that I make money by selling on eBay, they ask, “How do you make enough to live on?”

Of course, I let them know that I also teach piano lessons, but that eBay brings in roughly 1/3 of my income.

It’s nice to have those big $200 or $300 sales, but the reality is that they don’t happen every day.  The key to being able to make a living (or part of your living) off of eBay is to achieve consistency in the dollar amount of your sales.

Don’t focus so much on “I have 300 items listed” or “I have something that’s been listed for awhile that’s not selling”  focus on the dollar amount that you’re selling each month.

Basically, I list things and forget about them till they sell.  I don’t sit there looking at my store or inventory asking myself why it hasn’t sold.  I keep listing new items.  Eventually, the items will sell, so don’t stress over how long they’ve been in your store.

The point is to stock your store and have items ready to go before customers need them, so they might sit there awhile.

Sometimes when I list an item, it sells the same week, but most of the time, they sit in my store for awhile.

I have items for all seasons and occasions in my store… never know when a customer is going to want an item. Some people like to purchase things ahead of time so they’re ready when the season changes.

I don’t worry about how many items are in my store, how long an item has been in my store, what season the item is or why an item isn’t selling.

I look at listing and shipping as two different parts of my eBay business.  Yes, it has to be listed before it can be sold, but I don’t say to myself, “I sold 5 items, now I can list 5 more.” No……I list what I have on hand to list, regardless of how many items sold that week. I always find that as I increase my listing efforts, the sales follow.



One Response to “Achieving Consistency in Online Sales”
  1. Karen says:

    Good word Rachel! I needed this encouragement so much right now. It is timely for me. I am just watching and seeing items not sell and getting very discouraged! I will keep listing and not worry! Thanks Rachel!

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