5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales in April

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“April showers bring May flowers”……..or maybe it could be “April Showers give you more time to work on your eBay store.”

April is a great month to kick things into high gear and have your highest sales to date.

#1 Clean out your closet

Spring cleaning is a great way find inventory to sell on eBay.

As you’re changing your closet over to summer clothes, take a minute to sort through your winter clothes that you’re pulling out.  Anything you’re not keeping that’s in good condition, put it in your eBay pile.  As you’re putting your summer clothes in the closet, anything that’s in good condition and doesn’t fit or you don’t want to keep, put it in your eBay pile.

Do the same with your kids closets too.  Then start getting it listed, even the winter items can be listed in your store now. You never know what customers are looking for.  I am always amazed at what sells out of my closet.

#2 Go on a road trip

If you’re tired of going to the same thrift stores, or you live in an area with limited thrift stores……it’s time to hit the road!  Road trips are so much fun!!!  Head to a neighboring area and scout out the thrift stores.  Be sure to take plenty of money with you so you don’t have to leave behind any treasures.  It’s fun to get out of town for the day and have a whole new store  (or 2, or 3) to explore.

#3 Add some color to your listings

Look at your descriptions…..are they in a regular size black font?  Make your font larger, use a color and change the font style. Do something to attract and keep the buyers attention.  A boring listing conveys a boring item.  Just a few simple things to jazz up your listing can make a big difference.

#4 Maximize your item titles

Take a look at your item titles.  Are they short? (If yes, make them longer)  Do they have punctuation in them? (If yes, take the punctuation out)  Are they effective?  Use every word you can think of that describes your item.  Color, size, brand, who it’s for (men, women. boy, girl, baby) season, etc.  Learn to prioritize your keywords if there’s not enough room to fit all of the words in that you want to use, make sure the most important words are used.

#5 Spring clean your store

Do you have items in your store that have been sitting there for awhile (and by awhile, I mean more than a year) that you’re tired of looking at?  Clean your store out a little.  Maybe you bought some inventory as an experiment to see if it would sell and it’s been sitting there.  Clean out your store to make room for more :)

It’s important to make sure that you end the listings before you donate items to the thrift store or put them in your yard sale.  There’s nothing more of a pain than selling an item and realizing that you donated it to the thrift store last week.



2 Responses to “5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales in April”
  1. says:

    These are some great tips. I wanted to point out that for #4, I signed up for the basic membership (which is free) at . They have a section called “Title Builder”. You basically put in what you’re selling and it will tell you the most popular words and the average price each of those words bring. Of course, you want to use the most appropriate words for your item. For example, if my item is used, I won’t use the word “New”.

    Anyway, if you or a reader want to try it out, you need to click on “Sample Report” on the bottom of the page to sign up.

    Love your blog and I am always looking forward to reading your posts! Have a great day!

  2. says:

    Aw man. I already do all those things. NOW what?? :D

    Good for you Jessica! There’ll be more tips in coming out in May :D

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