Sink or Swim…….I’m Divin’ in

February 6, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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In the last 7 years, I’ve learned TONS about selling on eBay. I’m constantly stream lining my process, and working on ways to increase  profit margins.

I’ve experimented around with selling on other venues. I love to sew and hand make things, so I started a little Etsy shop, though I don’t have tons of time to work on  sewing projects, it’s still fun to sell things on there once in awhile.

The majority of my time and effort is spent on eBay. I upload my listings to bonanza and addoway each week, and have occasional sales on both sites. On average, I would say I have 2-3 sales a month between both sites. I did notice things pick up over Christmas on my other venues, but nothing like the volume I experienced on eBay.

One of my business goals for 2012 is to look into selling on I mentioned it to Lizzie and she said……I’ve only sold books on amazon, let me know how it goes. Which means I’m gonna be a pioneer in this project since Lizzie doesn’t sell toys on Amazon.

I’ve talked to a few friends who sell on Amazon, and I started getting excited about it, but at the same time, when you’ve never done something before, it’s kind of like a big black hole . When you’re  used to selling on a venue for 7 years and have learned how to make a decent income on that venue, it’s a little scary to start out on a different site and learn all of the rules and what to sell on that site…….

It was fairly simple to set up an Amazon seller account. It is different than any other set up process I’ve been thorough. Amazon actually calls you during the process and you have to enter the pin number over the phone that  they gave you on your computer screen.

I learned that unless you’re a pro merchant (which you have to pay for)  you can’t add new items to the listing catalog, so for now, I’m sticking with the items I have that are in the catalog.

The listing process is pretty easy, you don’t have to take pictures of your items, just find your same item in the catalog, list it’s condition, price and quantity.  Just a couple of clicks and your item is listed.  The plus side is that listing items on Amazon doesn’t cost you anything, you only pay fees when an items sells.

We’ll see how it goes, but I figure it’s worth a try :)



4 Responses to “Sink or Swim…….I’m Divin’ in”
  1. Nicole says:

    Please keep us posted…I am also interested but not sure how to go about it!

  2. says:

    I have ventured onto Amazon, just small stuff for now. I think I need to master Ebay first! :)

  3. says:

    I have sold books on Amazon before. I love the simplicity of listing items. Such a breeze! There are a few things that I didn’t like though: 1) If my items have certain imperfections, I kinda want to show it through photos instead of describing them with words, 2) They have huge fees too – 15% referral fee + $1.49 fixed closing fee + variable closing fee depending on the item you sell, 3) They have a fixed shipping credit, and if you need to pay more for shipping, you need to deduct from your profit.

    Say.. I have a $50 book.

    $50 – 7.5 (15%) – 1.49(fixed closing fee) – 0.24 (variable closing for books/standard shipping) = $40.77

    Amazon will charge buyer with a fixed shipping rate of $6.49 for standard shipping, so:

    $40.77 + 6.49 = $47.26

    They’ll charge me 22% of my profit. Not sure if it’s the same or more than what eBay and Paypal combined are charging. I was so disappointed when I only got $140 out of my $180 book profit before.

    I don’t mean to dishearten though! :) Just sharing my experience. Hopefully, it’s different for Amazon in the US. God bless!!

  4. says:

    It’s definitely worth a try. I started on Amazon, and have moved into eBay more, but would never, ever, give up the Amazon side. You’ll also find that if you have a lot of inventory, Pro Merchant is the way to go.

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