I Should Really Spring Clean my House More Often

Packing, moving, holidays and settling in all at the same time is completely exhausting on top of working and eBaying…….whew.

I’m glad the majority of that is behind me.  We’re starting to feel like we’re getting settled in and into a routine.

As we were unpacking boxes and organizing, I came across a lot of things that I put in boxes in the garage for a yard sale this spring.  I’ll be glad when it warms up and I can get it out of the garage and make some money in the process.

I came across several things that went in the eBay pile.  I’m always so excited when I find items from around the house to sell in my inventory, but I’m even more excited when it sells right away!

I have a Miche bag, which I completely love, but I had a couple of shells that I’ve only used once and didn’t really think I’d use again in the future, so I listed those.  They both sold within a week of being listed, one of them even went to Australia :)

When I was unpacking boxes of books, I came across several American Girl books that I had for my daughter that were repeats of what was already on her shelf, so those went to the eBay pile too.  There were 5 different short stories books from American Girl, so I put them together in a set and sold all 5 for $19.99!  Not bad for an item that’s just sitting around the house.

What have you listed or sold recently that was sitting around your house?



One Response to “I Should Really Spring Clean my House More Often”
  1. Tanya says:

    I used to have time to enter sweepstakes and several years ago I won a pair of Nike Lakers shorts. No one in my house is a fan so they got stuffed in a box. I found them about a week ago, and they sold already for $69.99! love that found money :)

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