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February 13, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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We received this question in a comment

Hi. I am just wondering…I sell on ebay and have for years. I kinda understand maybe, why you made your website. To make money from the advertising? Because it sort of hurts us, the small ebay sellers who find their items in various less than convential ways, i.e. thrift, flea markets, garage sales. You are giving all our secrets away and creating more savvy thrift store shoppers! Wouldn’t it be better to keep your secrets a secret? Just curious…

So are you telling me that you make it to every thrift store, flea market and garage sale in your entire region? If  so, then I could understand your concerns.

We share because there is no way possible for every eBay seller to hit every venue in their area.

We share because one seller cannot possibly specialize in all the areas of expertise to sell online.

We share because we have had good success and we’re willing to help others.

We share because other people share with us.

We share because learning how to sell online is overwhelming and we’re happy to help other people just like others helped us!

Advertising money? haha! We’ve had  ONE paid ad in 2 years–you’re funny though!

We do not give away all our secrets–if we have found an item that’s a hot seller and every one in the country has access to it, we don’t share that. But used items that are selling well? The likelihood of very many people finding it is pretty slim.

And honestly, we’d rather another small time eBay seller know that an item  is a good seller so they know to grab it when they’re out thrifting. Wouldn’t you want another small time seller to profit from an item that you will never see because you only get to a limited area of thrift stores?

If Rachel and I were able to thrift at every last thrift store, flea market, and garage sale in the entire country, than I guess we wouldn’t share tips, but until that is possible we will keep sharing what we learn with others.



5 Responses to “Questions”
  1. says:

    Great response! Thank you for sharing with your readers! I am inspired by all of your experiences with selling on ebay! And, how ambitious the two of you are to keep writing fresh ideas everyday. Keep up the great work!

  2. says:

    Ummm, okay?!? I am a bit speechless (or at least I was for a split couple of seconds). I am not sure what “paid” advertising is on your site, because I only see UNPAID advertising, that all blogs can have access to, if they choose.

    I am a new seller and while I do read your blog, rather faithfully, it is not for what secrets I can find. I don’t search for any advantages over other sellers/people. Although finding access to ID sites in your sidebar WAS VERY HELPFUL!

    I do, however, LOVE to read about special finds and interesting success/failures that others have had.

    I enjoy that people do share thier stories, no matter what they may be. I guess I am not sure what the person was really asking in her email. It is not a huge secret that many on Ebay/Amazon/Etsy etc buy at different venues. Most sellers look at the items that are being bid on the most and going for the most money, now wouldn’t that be the same thing?

    I find your site inspirational,helpful, and entertaining. You responded to this person’s question better than I could ever do.

  3. says:

    We had this same conversation on another forum when the poster complained about someone in their home town copying their inventory, and basically buying up/stockpiling everything that the poster usually buys. A friend of mine related the same experience (i.e., someone viewed his eBay store, and started copying his inventory). So, despite its many benefits, I think sharing too much can be detrimental to your business model, especially in heavily scouted markets.

    But someone viewing your store and selling similar items is not sharing all your secrets or business model. There is no way to keep what you’re selling a secret unless you have an invisible store.

  4. says:

    Good point. It’s not the same per se, but the results are the same. If there are multitudes of sellers in your area, like there are in mine, and you share a “secret,” either online or with a fellow seller, chances are you won’t find that “secret” item again unless you are very, very lucky, due to the number of people looking for it.

  5. says:

    I love your site and like Danelle, I come here to read all about others who have success in online selling, and to read all about others who share their
    passions about buying to resell at yard, garage, estate sales.

    There is a zillion things to sell online, and there is no way I could keep all the “Sercets” in my head and no way I would tote around a HUGE book of notes with all those BOLO’s…

    But, I do keep a few things in mind when I thrift or yard sale. Sometimes I pick them up, sometimes I dont. But it’s the fun of coming here and visiting other amazing blog sites from others who are willing to share their successes.

    I only sell every now and then and I am not all that savvy about ebaying, so…I just want to say THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER for SHARING and HELPING ME LEARN all the ins and outs of online selling. From packing, to buying to listing to all the other important things it takes to be good at selling online………………When you share it comes back TEN FOLD!!

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