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Whew……breathe in, breathe out……….this week on eBay has been a little bit hectic……….I feel like I’ve run a marathon.

eBay offered FREE fixed price listings, so I was able to get 60 new items listed that weekend and then I did another 35 through out the week for a total of 95 new listings this week!  (and no, I didn’t have the week off, I still taught 54 piano lessons.)  I’m not really sure how I did this other than the fact that I started on Thursday night after my last lesson, took pictures and got to work.  I worked all day Friday on it, and did a few more over the weekend.  I’m working on listing some books right now, so that helps it go fast too.

On the positive side, of all of that listing is a full bin of packages almost every day of the week for my mailcarrier :)

I also scored two sales on Bonanza this week and One on Addoway!  Don’t ask me why, I make hundreds of sales on eBay, but I get SUPER excited about a sale from another site, it’s like a pleasant surprise :)


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