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Certain times of the year it seems like there are a lot more items to ship out.  It’s important to be as efficient and accurate as possible when packing and shipping your packages, especially during those busy times of the year.  You don’t want to end up mixing up packages and sending them to the wrong buyer.

Recently, I went through a time period of a few weeks where I was shipping, shipping, shipping.

One thing that I found that helped me was to have the item ready to go, weigh and make the label.  While it was printing, I’d take a highlighter and write the abbreviation of the State that it was headed to on the package so I could easily work on packaging up the next item and not worry about getting items confused.  A couple of times, there were two packages in a row headed to the same state.  In those cases, I put the State abbreviation and the zip code on the package.

It made my shipping so much speedier, and my life a whole lot smoother by doing it this way.


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