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This Week on eBay

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This week on eBay has been a lot of fun.

I’ve been doing pretty good about getting items listed before I buy new ones.  I pushed myself to list everything I had that needed to be listed before Thanksgiving.  Several of those items sold right away that weekend, so I was very pleased with the results of meeting that goal.

In years past, I’ve done OK with sales around Thanksgiving, but nothing really spectacular.  This time, I decided to run a 20% off sale on my entire store, put some things on auction and list everything I had available to list.  This was the best Thanksgiving week of sales that I ever remember having.

I’m not a huge Black Friday shopper, but I did go out in the afternoon and get some things at good prices to resell.  I did a little bit of thrifting over the weekend and came home to get most of it listed on Monday and Tuesday.

I was a little bit concerned with the fact that I wasn’t able to spend my summer building up my store for Christmas and didn’t know what to expect as far as sales are concerned this year, but I’m doing decent as far as sales go with the inventory that I have right now.  I’m selling quite a bit of my new inventory while getting rid of the old inventory that I was able to leave with a friend of mine to ship for me.

My sales on Amazon are a bit sporadic.  Some weeks, I’ll sell 4 or 5 items a week there, but then I’ll go a week or two without sales there.  I’m thankful for every sale I make, but right now, eBay is still my most consistent selling venue.

Hope you’ve had a great week online.


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