Thrift Store Shopping

A few weeks ago, Lizzie and I went to a new thrift store outlet that opened in our area.  I had been to similar thrift store outlets in the Seattle area and I didn’t really like my experience there, so I was skeptical.  The outlet I had been to previously was very dirty and a huge jumble.  It was very frustrating.  I spent about 15 minutes there and had to leave.  I felt grimy, the place was crowded and everything was a huge mess.

I walked into this outlet and really enjoyed my experience there.  It’s a new outlet, so the building is clean and didn’t have a smell.  Things were semi-organized, so the bins of books were all books, they weren’t mixed with other items.  There were bins of toys, bins of glassware, bins of shoes, bins of clothes, bins of bedspreads, curtains, etc.  So even though there was a lot of sorting through things, it was a lot more organized than the outlet I had been to previously.

I walked out of there with three very large bags of items, most of it was for listing on eBay, and my total was $10.91.  I was pleased.

This week during Spring Break, we went back and I felt like I found a lot more to resell this time.  I know that it’s really hit and miss depending on what they have when you go, but based on my last two visits, I’m positive I’ll be back.

It took me about an hour and a half to get through all of the bins, I didn’t look at every single thing, but I felt like I found enough that I was happy leaving with what I found.


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