5 Ways To Improve Your Sales in July~repost

June 19, 2013 by The Selling Sisters  
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#1 Get your back to school items listed.

Now’s the time to list back to school items in your store so you don’t miss the peak season.

School uniforms, backpacks, textbooks, lunch boxes, or anything that can be used for school, start listing it so that it’s ready to go when your buyers are ready to buy.

#2 Move items to auction.

I’m not a huge fan of auctions, but I do like to use auctions as a “clearance rack” from time to time to get rid of items that have been in my store for awhile.  Take a look at your inventory and start moving a few things a day to auction.  Now’s a great time to clean out your store to make room for all of those fabulous items you’ll be selling during the Christmas season.

#3 Keep listing Winter and Christmas items.

Even though it may be close to 100 degrees outside, now’s the time to list boots, snow pants, sweaters, coats, anything to do with winter.  Christmas items that haven’t been listed can be listed now too.  Get a jump start on the season and start listing it now.  People start shopping early for winter apparel and you’ll be surprised how much of it will sell in the next couple of months.

#4 Clean out the Toy box.

Now’s the perfect time to start cleaning out the toy box and getting the toys your kids don’t play with or have out grown listed on eBay.

Cleaning out the toy box is one of my favorite ways to find eBay inventory.  It’s always great to treasure hunt and flip items for profit, but to me, it’s even more fun to sell items from around the house that aren’t being used anymore.  The majority of the time when I sell items from around the house, I am able to sell the item for almost as much as I paid for it when it was new.

#5 Shop the Clearance Section.

I know that a lot of us eBayers love to treasure hunt to find our inventory, but keep your eyes open for clearance items at great prices that you can resell.

I love clearance shopping to find inventory because most of the time, it means that I don’t have to clean the item up before I list it, and usually I can list them quickly because they will either be the same item, but different sizes or very similar items, so all I have to do is make a few quick adjustments to each listing and they’re ready to go.  I like to look for clearance at Wal-mart, Target, GYMBOREE, Hanna Andersson, Bath and Body Works, and  GAP.

There’s so many retailers that offer huge sales and clearance, so keep your eyes open.



One Response to “5 Ways To Improve Your Sales in July~repost”
  1. Susan Calderon says:

    Thanks for reposting this! You give me so much hope as I am rebuilding my listings!

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