Christmas in July

When I first started selling on eBay, I decided to take off all of the Christmas items that I had listed in my store at the end of January and keep them in a bin to relist around September.  I mean, who really buys Christmas items in the summer?

The next year, I decided to leave them listed in my store and to focus on listing items that were opposite of what the current season was.  For instance, if it was July, I focused on finding items for the winter.  Jeans, coats, sweaters, etc.  In December, I started listing summer dresses, swimming suits, rain boots, etc.

I began noticing right away that even in December when I listed summer items, they sold.  Since then, I’ve kept up this trend.  I list anything that I have to be listed, but my main focus is on listing items that are the opposite of the current season and keeping everything listed all year long regardless of the season.

This summer, I’ve been surprised.  I’ve sold three (3) snowflake cardigan sweaters in the middle of the summer.  Who would have guessed?  They were all $39.99 sales.  That’s an extra $120 for the month that I wouldn’t have sold if I didn’t have them listed.  One of them was a listing that I had recently put up.  I remember sitting there with a snowflake sweater in my pile thinking that I was listing it to get a head start on having things ready for winter.  I was surprised to see it sell for full price just a few weeks later.

My advice is to keep everything that you have listed all year long, especially Christmas items.  If you have them sitting in your bin waiting to be listed this Fall, I would go ahead and list them now.  You never know, you just might be surprised like I was.


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