5 Ways To Increase Your Sales In September~Post From The Past

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#1 Give your store front a makeover
Take a look at your store front and try to see it from your customer’s eyes.

*Do the colors and the graphic look inviting?

*Is the wording in your heading positive and upbeat?

*Are the categories easy to use?

*Is there a different template you like better than your current one?

Take a little bit of time and play around with your store front and see if you come up with a new look that you like better than the current one you have.

#2 Keep looking for and listing Christmas items

Christmas is just right around the corner.  If I had the option right now of listing some shoes or books and the option of listing toys and Christmas specific items, I would choose to get the toys and Christmas specific items listed right away.

People are already shopping for Christmas items, and you don’t want to miss out on sales because your items aren’t listed yet.  Even over the summer, I sold several items that are specific to Christmas.

#3 Clean out your shoes

Now that you have your Christmas items listed ;) you can clean out your closets and sort out the shoes you don’t plan on wearing this winter.

Anything that’s still in good condition is a candidate for your eBay inventory.  If you’ve never listed shoes before, or if listing shoes doesn’t sound like fun to you…….just give it a try.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep listing shoes, but I’m pretty sure that you’re going to enjoy it as much as I do.

Shoes are super easy to list, a good profit maker and  super easy to ship.

#4 Get your new inventory listed within the week it’s purchased

Even if you feel like you’re “behind” on listing your inventory, try to start listing all of your new inventory within the week it’s purchased.

You’ll be amazed at the items you list right away that either sell the same week or the week after.  What I try to do is list all of my new inventory the same week it’s purchased (and usually within 48 hours of purchasing)  each time I list my new inventory, I also try to pull 4-5 items out of my “to be listed” bin. I list those with my new inventory so that I can catch up on listing without it feeling like it’s a big chore.

#5 Use Mark Down Manager

I know I’ve mentioned Mark Down Manager before, but I’ll mention it again.  Even a sale of 10-15% off helps generate some good sales.  If you have items that have been in your inventory for awhile and you’d like to see them moving, try a 30% or 40% off sale.


5 Tips For Your Online Store in August~Repost

#1 Increase the number of items listed in your eBay store

August is a GREAT time to ramp up your listings and get your store stocked up before the Christmas selling season hits.

I stock up my store all year long.  If you haven’t started getting your store stocked, or even if you’re already busy stocking it up, try to do a little extra this month.  Maybe set a goal to increase your inventory numbers by 100 items more than it is now by the end of August.

#2 Get your pile of “to be listed items” listed :)

We all have GREAT stuff sitting around waiting to be listed.  Here’s a fabulous way to increase your sales without spending any more money……list what you have on hand.  Every time I stop shopping and simply list what I have on hand, my sales go through the roof!  Why?  Because I have fabulous items just sitting in my “to be listed bin” and they can never sell if they’re sitting there waiting to be listed.

#3 Increase your DSR’s

Take a look at your Detailed Seller Ratings on your dashboard and start concentrating on the one or two that need the most attention.  It may take some brain storming, but think about what you can do to increase your scores.  How can you lower shipping and handling charges?  How can you decrease your handling time?  Is there a faster way to get items to your customer?  What other details can you include in your listing so that the items are what the customer is expecting?  How can you communicate better with your customers?

It can be a lot of work to improve your Detailed Seller Ratings, but in the end, it pays off.  Not only do you get a discount on your final value fees for being a Top Rated Seller, but once I became a Top Rated Seller, I noticed right away a big increase in my sales because your items automatically have a higher search ranking when you’re a TRS.

#4 List your Halloween Costumes

Now is the time to list your Halloween costumes and any dress up clothes you have in your “to be listed bin”  make sure you get them listed so your potential customers can shop your store for Halloween costumes at their convenience.  If you wait until September or October to get your costumes listed, you may miss out on potential customers.

#5 Promptly answer customer questions

Here’s an area that I lack in and am really trying to improve on……..Promptly answering customer questions.  By the time I list, ship, and communicate with current customers, I’ve forgotten about the potential customer who asked a question.  Not only will this help increase your communication DSR’s (in the event the customer makes a purchase from you) but, it can also increase your sales.

If the customer is asking, they’re interested, and if you don’t get back to them right away, they may just go and purchase the same item from a different seller.


What To Do With The Books?~Post From The Past

I’m a book loving homeschool mom.

This is not good for my house. I find books at the thrift store and they pile up like crazy. My “to read” pile is always so huge, I feel like I’ll never get to it.

When I’m done with books, or cleaning out books here’s what I do.

1. Check eBay.

A lot of times the books I have aren’t selling for much on eBay.

Most of the time I feel that eBay is a better place to get a deal on books than to make a profit on selling books. I’m talking about normal paperbacks and older books–not collectibles or highly sought after books.

I often list homeschool books on eBay though because there seems to be a decent market for them there.

2. Check Half.com

If there are 100 books listed for .75 on Half, I don’t bother listing mine!

3. Check Amazon

Sometimes, I’m pretty pleased with the amount used books are selling for on Amazon and I list it there. Listing on Amazon is very quick and easy. Amazon deposits your commission in your checking account pretty quickly too. Ditto with the 100’s of books at .01.


isn’t a way to make money but it’s a great way to move books that aren’t worth selling and replace them with books you want!

Here’s a basic “how it works”.

*You . If you sign up and list 10 books, I will get 1 credit that’s all.

*List 10 books–books can be paperback, hardcover, children’s books, easy readers, etc. They cannot have water damage, be written in, or be advanced reader copies.

Listing is REALLY easy. You just enter ISBN numbers.

*When a member wants a book you have, you pay to ship it to them by Media Mail. When they receive it, they tell Paperback Swap and you get 1 credit to spend.

*When you want a book, you use your credits and request books and that member pays to ship it to you.

has helped me find tons of books for school and other books that I’m interested in reading. Give it a try, if you love books you’ll love it too. Recently, I reviewed a book for my personal blog. I discovered that it was a series so I went to and found the other 3 books. Thankfully, I had enough credits, so I ordered them all and they’re already here waiting for me to get busy reading!
5. Check too

On Etsy, you may be able to sell vintage books. I’ve seen people sell, type of listings with vintage books. Check out that link for clarification of this idea.

Another great thing to do with cool vintage books is to take an exacto knife to it and sell the pages to people looking for paper for their projects.

I’ve sold pages from , hymn books,, etc. I’ve listed some other vintage pages lately. If you don’t think the vintage book will sell and the pages are interesting, consider selling pages for collage or paper ephemera.

One of my customers sent me these photos of her wedding and my French book pages!

Good luck with the books!


5 Ways To Improve Your Sales in July~repost

June 19, 2013 by The Selling Sisters  
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#1 Get your back to school items listed.

Now’s the time to list back to school items in your store so you don’t miss the peak season.

School uniforms, backpacks, textbooks, lunch boxes, or anything that can be used for school, start listing it so that it’s ready to go when your buyers are ready to buy.

#2 Move items to auction.

I’m not a huge fan of auctions, but I do like to use auctions as a “clearance rack” from time to time to get rid of items that have been in my store for awhile.  Take a look at your inventory and start moving a few things a day to auction.  Now’s a great time to clean out your store to make room for all of those fabulous items you’ll be selling during the Christmas season.

#3 Keep listing Winter and Christmas items.

Even though it may be close to 100 degrees outside, now’s the time to list boots, snow pants, sweaters, coats, anything to do with winter.  Christmas items that haven’t been listed can be listed now too.  Get a jump start on the season and start listing it now.  People start shopping early for winter apparel and you’ll be surprised how much of it will sell in the next couple of months.

#4 Clean out the Toy box.

Now’s the perfect time to start cleaning out the toy box and getting the toys your kids don’t play with or have out grown listed on eBay.

Cleaning out the toy box is one of my favorite ways to find eBay inventory.  It’s always great to treasure hunt and flip items for profit, but to me, it’s even more fun to sell items from around the house that aren’t being used anymore.  The majority of the time when I sell items from around the house, I am able to sell the item for almost as much as I paid for it when it was new.

#5 Shop the Clearance Section.

I know that a lot of us eBayers love to treasure hunt to find our inventory, but keep your eyes open for clearance items at great prices that you can resell.

I love clearance shopping to find inventory because most of the time, it means that I don’t have to clean the item up before I list it, and usually I can list them quickly because they will either be the same item, but different sizes or very similar items, so all I have to do is make a few quick adjustments to each listing and they’re ready to go.  I like to look for clearance at Wal-mart, Target, GYMBOREE, Hanna Andersson, Bath and Body Works, and  GAP.

There’s so many retailers that offer huge sales and clearance, so keep your eyes open.


Selling Tip~What Size Is It?

Did you ever find a great piece of clothing to sell but the size tag is missing?

Here’s a great chart to help you figure out the approximate size.  

Of course if the tag is missing, make sure that you include the measurements in the listing.


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