Simple Steps To Increase Your Sales on Bonanza

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About a year ago, I set up a booth on

I import my eBay items to it almost every week so the new items that I listed will be added and the items that have sold on eBay will be deleted.

In the last year, I have sold exactly 24 items on bonanza. An average of 2 items per month
I’m grateful for these sales, the lower final value fees on this site, and the fact that there’s no listing fees. I can’t help but feel that I have the potential to make more sales on this site, especially since I have an average over 900 items on any given day.
I’ve been trying to figure out what to do to get more sales on this site. I’ve been told to “play” with the site a little bit.
So, I started adding favorite sellers and favorite items. I’ve also been making “Hand Picked Lists” of items. This increased my traffic a little bit. After creating my first hand picked list, I sold an item on the site the next day, so I thought I’d try to make more lists and play with the site a little more.
In the mean time, I got an email from Twitter telling me that they missed me……apparently I hadn’t logged in there in awhile, so when I had a few minutes later that week, I logged in. I saw several tweets from my friend of items for sale on bonanza. I asked her if she tweets everything that she lists on Bonanza.
She said that some of them are her listings, but that people also pay her to tweet for them. Hmmm………I wasn’t sure how that would work, so I thought about it for awhile and then talked to her again.
She said that she would stop by my and tweet a few of my listings so I could see how what it did for  my site views.
She tweeted six items for me that weekend. When I logged in on Monday, I could see that my views were much higher for the tweeted items. Exposure was up, but no sales.
Oh well, it didn’t hurt anything to try, right?
The next morning, I woke up to find a $117 sale purchased and paid for on Bonanza!!!! Someone had stopped by and purchased four items.
I was HOOKED!!!
I logged in and favorited some more items. I made another hand picked list and tweeted a few of my items on my own Twitter account. I emailed Brieanna  and asked her if she had any room in her schedule to tweet for me.
The next afternoon………..another Bonanza sale!!!!
I’ve made more money on Bonanza this week, than I’ve made in the last six months. I didn’t spend an extra cent on new inventory, just spent a little bit of time promoting my current items.
In my conversation with Brienna, I found out that tweeting your Bonanza inventory is essential because sites like eBay send your listings to Google for you, so while you can promote your eBay listings yourself, promoting your items from sites that don’t do as much promotion for you is where you should spend more of your effort. Also, the fees are lower on Bonanza, so you might as well encourage buyers to buy from you there :)
I’ve learned a lot about using Bonanza and Twitter successfully from Brienna, she’s been a HUGE help.
I purchased Twitter advertising from her the next day.  I chose  for her to tweet 5 of my Bonanza items on her Twitter account for a week.
The cost is extremely affordable. She has over 44,000 followers on Twitter (whew………) and a lot of her tweets get re-tweeted. While she can’t guarantee that you will get sales from  tweeting your Bonanza items, she can promise that your links will be exposed to her enormous Twitter audience.
Not only does she know what she’s doing on Twitter, she also knows what she’s doing on Bonanza, Brieanna has a badge in her booth for her 500th bonanza sale (that’s right, 500 sales!)
I’ll keep you posted on what happens from this week’s Twitter exposure of my Bonanza items…….finger’s crossed……..I’m optimistic that it’s going to be a GREAT week!

I Should Really Spring Clean my House More Often

Packing, moving, holidays and settling in all at the same time is completely exhausting on top of working and eBaying…….whew.

I’m glad the majority of that is behind me.  We’re starting to feel like we’re getting settled in and into a routine.

As we were unpacking boxes and organizing, I came across a lot of things that I put in boxes in the garage for a yard sale this spring.  I’ll be glad when it warms up and I can get it out of the garage and make some money in the process.

I came across several things that went in the eBay pile.  I’m always so excited when I find items from around the house to sell in my inventory, but I’m even more excited when it sells right away!

I have a Miche bag, which I completely love, but I had a couple of shells that I’ve only used once and didn’t really think I’d use again in the future, so I listed those.  They both sold within a week of being listed, one of them even went to Australia :)

When I was unpacking boxes of books, I came across several American Girl books that I had for my daughter that were repeats of what was already on her shelf, so those went to the eBay pile too.  There were 5 different short stories books from American Girl, so I put them together in a set and sold all 5 for $19.99!  Not bad for an item that’s just sitting around the house.

What have you listed or sold recently that was sitting around your house?


Techincal Difficulties

January 31, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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On Christmas Eve, I was busy helping my mom send the pictures she wanted to be printed, and had set up a SKYPE date with my brother and his family for Christmas day, when out of nowhere, my laptop crashed :(

This wouldn’t have been such a HUGE deal, except that my desktop PC is 10 years old and super slow for doing all of my online business on it, plus it doesn’t have a webcam. We were out of luck for SKYPING with family on Christmas :(

It also made me sad that it was only a year and two weeks old and it died on me…….grrrrrrr…….

I took it to Best Buy, where I purchased it and the Geek Squad took a look at it for me…..their analysis was that the hard drive died, but they were still able to see the data on it.  Their solution was for me to purchase a new hard drive ($100) a new Operating System to be installed on it ( $100) and transfer the data over to it ($90)

So, $290 to fix my computer……..I took it home and started exploring other options.  I figured for that price, I might as well go ahead and buy a new one, and hope I found a place that would transfer the data for me for free.

I took an entire day that week and devoted it to finding the best deal in town (even though I know nothing about which processor is the best, and what all of the GB, MB, RAM,etc means……)

I stopped in at Office Depot, they were having a sale on laptops, and I found one I liked for a very reasonable price.  I started talking to the store associate about it and he told me they could transfer the data from my old one for FREE!!!!  I told him the story of my dead hard drive and he said he wanted to take a look at it, because if they could see the data on it, he didn’t think the hard drive was dead.  He also said that in most cases, laptops don’t die within a year, it’s usually closer to 4 or 5 years before they start to die.

OH!  I liked the sound of that, so we brought it in for him to see, and sure enough, he said he thought there was an error in the last set up updates for the operating system and he could repair it for me for $129!  I was SUPER excited about the possibility and gladly left it with him for a couple of days for the repairs.  Sure enough, my old trusty laptop is up and running again, as good as new!


Online Selling Tip of The Week

Support the eBay economy and purchase your shipping supplies from a fellow eBayer.

You can find deals on poly-mailers, packaging tape, shipping labels, bubble wrap and more.

The best part is you’ll save time and money by having your supplies come straight to your front door.  That means more time to work on listing and shipping, and ultimately, more time for your family.



I shared about “upcycling” (a term commonly used on) here.

I always enjoy finding new ways to use things.

Here are a few of my recent projects.

Chalkboard paint on a milk glass plate or on a mug

A pretty pin made from ripped up little boy jean

Buttons made into a bracelet (I swiped that idea from our dear mother)

Notebook cover made from

What do you “upcycle”?

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