Rachel’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

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Sigh………….it’s been awhile since I’ve presented my top 5 favorite items in my store for you, so here goes.

#1 This is super cute!

#2 are one of my favorite items to keep in stock.

#3 This has so many possibilities.

#4 It doesn’t get any better for American Girl fans than this Beautiful!

#5 I’m pretty sure that this one is my favorite of all time:


Thriftstore Item to Look For: Boden

December 3, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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Here’s a brand that I’ve had on my list for some time and just squeal with delight when I find in thrift stores:  Boden and Mini Boden (the children’s version of Boden.)

Not only are their items super cute  (I’m always tempted to keep them for our own closets), but they tend to sell fairly quickly and for a nice price too.

The first items I ever found that were Boden were a couple of skirts.  They were super cute and I priced them at $49.99 each.  Both were sold within the first week that I listed them.  I’ve found this brand in tops, sweaters, skirts, jackets, dresses, kids clothes (including tights.)  I don’t usually find a lot of this brand at one time, but I find it pretty frequently, and whenever I find it, I always toss it in my cart.

This is a brand that sells well, so when you find it, don’t under price yourself.  I’ve never had a Boden in my inventory for longer than a month.

Happy Treasure Hunting :)


This Week of Thrifting

The type of work I do always seems like an adventure…………you never know what you’re going to find around the next corner, the next aisle, or the next thrift store.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to check out a different thrift store in another part of town.  It was a Saturday and the sign said 1/2 off of everything.  I was glad I stopped in, there were several great items there and at 1/2 off, the price was right.  When I got to the register, I asked the cashier if the 1/2 off sale was for the day or if it was the entire weekend.  She said, “The entire store is 1/2 off every weekend.”   As you can imagine, my eyes lit up when she told me that :D

There wasn’t enough time that day for me to look through everything.  I looked at sweaters and shoes primarily.  Knowing that it was going to be 1/2 off over the weekend, I decided to head there again the next weekend.  Once again, I scored at this shop.  I was surprised at what I found, I’m not sure where their donations come from because it’s a local thrift store, not a national chain of thrift stores.

Here’s what I found there this week:

*2 cashmere sweaters

*Starbucks bear

*NWT Hanna Andersson sweatshirt

*earth shoes

*Women’s Boden dress

*Girl’s Chicago Bears knit top

*Men’s Green Bay Packers knit top

*Long corduroy skirt

*Barbie British Invasion t-shirt

*Splendid sweater

*JKLA California Top

*Skunkfunk skirt

Best part:  All of it was 1/2 off and is already listed and ready for sale in my store :)