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Try Something New

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Why is it that trying something new can be such a barrier?  What are we afraid of? Why don’t we like to step out of our comfort zone?

So many times when we keep doing the same thing over and over, we miss out on opportunities to learn and grow because we’re so adamant about doing what we’re familiar with.

I’m finding that it’s true in managing a business too.

Sometimes, you have to experiment with new products, new brands, new selling venues and more.

The great thing about selling online now days is that we have the ability to collaborate with other online sellers to see what has or hasn’t worked for them.  Even though collaboration and networking are powerful tools, don’t forget that most sellers aren’t going to give away all of their secrets.

Doing a little bit of research on your own and going with your gut feeling when you see an item at the thrift store can pay off  BIG.

While I love collaborating with other sellers, 95% of what I sell is items that I have learned about or “discovered” on my own, just by finding it in a thrift store and deciding to take a chance on it.

Also, it’s not always good to be selling what all the other people you know on eBay are selling.  That creates a lot of competition in the market.  Sometimes, it’s better to go off on your own and do your own thing.

This year I’ve experimented with:




*Heath and beauty items

* Nordic Style Sweaters


*Local FB yardsale page

*The Dollar Store


*Making larger investments

All of them have been a good experience for me.  What are some things that you’ve experimented with to help your business this year?


Thinking Outside of the Polymailer

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

At this point most of you already know that I like to think outside of the box.  I like to constantly look for new ways to improve my business. Whether it’s  new products to stock in my store or more efficient ways to list, ship, and make sales.

Thinking outside of the box is a good thing, but I want to challenge you not to be happy with just thinking outside of the box.  Take it to the next level and think outside of the polymailer ;)

What exactly do I mean by that?  Well, sometimes you need to take your thinking to a whole new level.  Throw out everything you know, your selling philosophy and what you’ve been told and just go out on a limb and see what happens.

*If you’re not an auction seller, try putting some things on auction this week, you might be surprised by the results.

*Maybe you haven’t taken the plunge to open an eBay store yet, but you’ve been selling on auction or fixed price for awhile.  It might be time for you to get your store going.

*Do you sell on one venue?  Why not try importing your items to a site like Addoway, Bonanza, Yardsellr or any other site that allows you to simply click on “import” to cross promote your listings.  Better yet, try selling other products on Amazon or Etsy.

*How about this:  Ask someone you know who’s more experience than you are at selling on the venue you sell on to take a look at your store or listings for some recommendations and implement a few of their ideas.

*If you’re a store owner, make sure your items are categorized in a way that makes it EASY for customers to find your items.  Simply having a category for Women’s Clothes doesn’t cut it.  If you have some brands that you typically carry in your store, turn those brands into categories so your items can be found easily by customers.

My point is this:  If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you’ll get the same results. If you want your business to grow, you’ have to to constantly be looking at it, analyzing, growing, learning new things, and changing the way you do business.

If your sales are lower than you’d like them to be, or have slowed down, try talking to other sellers you know to see what’s working for them.

Look at what other people are selling, be searching for new ideas and new ways to do business.  Selling online is very cyclical, so if you don’t have items that people are looking for during a certain time of the year,  you’re going to see your sales go down.

Try to figure out what you can sell during  each  time of the year that customers want to buy. Add those items to your inventory and be prepared for that season the next time it rolls around.

If you keep your store stocked for all seasons, you’ll start seeing your sales become more consistent through out the year.


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5 Ways to Increase Your On-line Sales in November

#1 Learn about a new product

You know the old saying “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”

I think it’s a pretty true statement.  If you want something to change in your online business, you’re going to have to do something different than you’ve done before.  Sometimes, that means breaking into a new line of products.  Keep learning new brands, new types of products to sell, and don’t be scared to give it a try.  The sky’s the limit.

#2 Join an online selling forum

There are lots of great online selling forums out there, one of my faves is .  You can discuss everything about selling online (We talk about more than just eBay), bounce ideas off of each other, and get some new ideas.  If you’re not comfortable discussing, join anyway and read what other people are saying about selling online.

#3 Now is the time to list

I know that I talk about listing all the time, and sometimes I feel like a broken record, but right now is the time to get it listed.  If ever there was a time to take a break from listing, it’s not now.  During this time of the year, my items seem to sell just as fast as I can get them listed, so even if you have to put shopping on hold for now to list what you have waiting to be listed, go for it!

#4 If you have a premium store, automate emails and feedback

Here’s one of my favorite things about having a premium eBay store……I can automate feedback!

Every time a customer leaves a positive feedback for me, my store is set to randomly leave them one of five feedback statements that I’ve already chosen.  It’s a HUGE time saver for me, and is one less thing to think about.  You can also set your store to automatically send an email to customers when you ship out their item.   Love it, Love it, LOVE it!

#5 Increase your pricing

I know this might sound a little odd to some of you, but sometimes, if you don’t price your items high enough, they won’t sell.

If you can make a few more dollars per item, you’ll make more money and do less work.  Take a look at your inventory and consider increasing your pricing.  Sometimes an item marked $19.99 will sell better marked $21.99 or $24.99.

When I first started selling on eBay, yes my items sold, but they could have sold for a lot more money.  I felt like $14.99 or $19.99 was a lot to price an item at and I would price a lot of things at $9.99.  Now a few years older and wiser, my prices are much higher than $9.99, and instead of making a few hundred dollars of profit a month, I’m starting to make a few thousand dollars of profit a month.


Online Selling Tip of the Week

October 3, 2011 by The Selling Sisters  
Filed under Selling Tips

Specialize in selling what you know–what you’re familiar with–what you like.

If you have children and know the latest toys, consider selling toys.

If you collect baseball, football cards or comic books, consider selling them online.

If you’re up on the latest trends and fashions, consider selling clothes.

If you like to sew or knit, consider selling your work or craft supplies.

When you sell items that you’re familiar with and items that you like, you’re more motivated to list them.

You don’t have to do much research and you’ll have a lot more fun selling online!


Online Selling Tip of the Week

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t meet your sales or listing goal for the week.

Real life is what happens when we have other plans.

Try again next week.

Analyze what you could have done differently to be able to make higher sales or list more items, make a game plan and then implement it.  You know what works best for you, your family, and your schedule.


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