5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales in May

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Can you believe it’s already May?

This time of year, sales tend to really pick up for me and I’m busy trying to stock my store up for the Christmas season already :)

Here’s my top 5 tips for increasing your sales this month:

#1 Add store categories

If you already have an eBay store, I’m sure you have some store categories.

Take a look at them.  Are they general categories?  Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Toys, etc?  General categories are a good start, but I recommend adding more specific categories.  Last time I checked, a seller can have up to 300 categories in their eBay store, so you might as well use them to your advantage, right?

Look at your inventory….what do you have a lot of?  Hanna Andersson? Gymboree? Keens? Capris? Coffee Mugs? Starbucks? Games? Build a Bear Workshop? Hello Kitty?  Make categories specific to those items.  You can put each item in 2 store categories.

Look at your “other” category and see what items you could move to a different category.

#2 Maximize your listing frame

This is something that I see pretty frequently when I look at people’s eBay stores.  They aren’t taking advantage of the listing frame.  There are so many setting in “manage my store” that you can change to maximize your efforts.  These are all things you’re paying for as part of having an eBay store, so why not use them to increase your sales?

The listing frame is the colored frame around the top and side of your description that matches your store design.  Many people don’t know that you can add your store categories, search box and sale items to your listing frame.  That way, when people come to your store looking for an item and they get an idea, they can easily search your store from any of your listings.  They can also see that you’re running a store sale and click that link to access all of the items you have on sale.

To maximize your listing frame:

Click on “manage my store”

Click on “listing frame”

Check the “Store header and left-navigation category list (first 30 categories that contain items)”

Scroll down to: Customize your store listing header and check the boxes for adding a search box, link to items on sale, store logo, and any other boxes you want to check (I have all of them checked)

#3 Analyze your shipping costs

I see a lot of high shipping costs when I click on listings.  Some sellers choose to use calculated shipping, some use flat rate shipping. I use flat rate shipping.  I live on the West Coast, and  don’t find that shipping costs vary that much, so I go with flat rate.

A lot of times when a seller uses calculated shipping , it tells me that shipping for an item like a shirt is $10.85.  I know for a fact that it could be shipped out for $4.99 or less.  So, if you use calculated shipping, make sure your costs are accurate, you don’t want to lose sales to certain parts of the country because your calculated shipping costs are set too high.

#4 Clean out your DVD’s & VHS

I can already hear you asking “Do people still buy VHS?”

The answer is “Yes!”  I wouldn’t go out and buy all the VHS you can find, but if you have some around the house that you don’t watch or want anymore, sell them on eBay.  Some VHS sell for higher prices than others.  I’ve sold some of them at unbelievable prices because if a certain movie or cartoon didn’t come out on DVD, then the VHS are getting harder and harder to find.  Some may only sell for $2.99 or $3.99, but that’s more than you’d get if you donated them, gave them away or sold them at a yard sale.

As far as your DVD’s take a look through them, anything you don’t want or need, list on eBay.  Most of the time, you can find your DVD by typing in the bar-code or the name of the title when you’re listing it so you don’t have to take a picture of it.

#5 Start stocking your store for Christmas

I know it’s only May, but in the scope of things you don’t have very much time until the Christmas selling season starts.  You want this to be your best yet…..right?  Between now and September/October, you have a very busy summer ahead of you.  By starting to prepare your store for Christmas now, you’ll take the stress and the burden off of trying to get it ready in September. Think of all of the sales you can make in the mean time if those items are listed.

When I say “stock your store for Christmas” I don’ necessarily mean that it has to be items that are specific to Christmas.  I’m talking about items that will sell at Christmas.  New items, items with tags, winter clothes, shoes, boots, DVD’s, toys, you name it.  Start listing it now……you may even be surprised at what sells even before the Christmas buying season starts.


Thriftstore Item to Look For: Puzz 3-D Puzzles

March 15, 2011 by The Selling Sisters  
Filed under Ebay, Finding Inventory, Thrifting

Here’s a great item that I’ve wondered about for some time, but never remembered to research:

Puzz 3-D Puzzles.

I see these all the time at the thrift store and I know that I LOVED putting these together when I was growing up.  My friend, mentioned that these are a good seller, so I decided to give it a try.

The very next week, I found 2 Puzz 3-D Puzzles at the thrift store, a US Capitol Building and a Bavarian Mansion.  Since the puzzles had been opened, I had to count the pieces, but I figured for $1.29, it was worth the risk.

My US Capitol Building had all it’s pieces, so I listed it an it sold the next day for Not bad for a $1.29 investment.  Some Puzz 3-D Puzzles sell for a lot, it just depends on the puzzle and the year it was made.  I still have to count my Bavarian Mansion to see if it’s all there.


Thriftstore Item to Look For: Dansko

March 8, 2011 by The Selling Sisters  
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Here’s an item that I can’t say enough about…..Dansko shoes, boots and clogs.

In the last month, I’ve sold a pair of Women’s Dansko clogs, and a pair of Men’s Dansko clogs.

The mens clogs needed a lot of TLC, but since they were black, it was easy to polish them up and get them ready to sell.  They sold within a couple weeks of listing them for $53.48!  Not too bad for a $6.99 investment.

I also have a pair of brown suede leather Dansko boots listed in my eBay store.

Dansko is one of those brands that you don’t even have to think about if you should buy it or not…..the answer is YES!


5 Ways to Increase Online Sales in March

After posting about increasing your sales in February, I thought I’d start writing a post about increasing  online sales for each month of the year.

The month of March is a great month to make money on eBay. Summer is just around the corner and in many parts of the country and the world, the weather is already warming up.

Here are my top 5 tips for increasing your sales this month:

#1 Offer international shipping.

Now with stamps.com giving eBay sellers the opportunity to ship 1st Class International packages straight from their computer, international shipping is quick and easy.  They even fill out the customs form for you ;)

Choose what countries you want to ship to, edit your listings in bulk and you’ll gain an even larger selling audience.

#2 Analyze your listings, make sure you have them priced high enough.

Everyone loves a bargain, right?  Not necessarily.  Some people feel that if an item is priced low, that the item is low quality. They may believe that the seller’s quality of service is low. Make sure your items are priced high enough.

It sounds crazy, I know, but ever since I started raising my prices, you’d be shocked at what  items can sell for.

Just one example is the talking “Little Bear”  I had one in my store listed at $14.99 for several months, and it just sat there.  I raised the price to $18.99 and it sold the next day.  When in doubt, get a second opinion on your pricing.

#3 Add the “best offer” option.

If you don’t already offer the “best offer” option to your customers, you may want to add it.  This gives customers the option to haggle back and forth with you.  Beware that you will get some low offers, but you can choose to decline or counteroffer their offer.  You can also set your best offer settings to automatically decline any offers lower than a set price.

#4  Analyze your store categories.

Take a look at your store categories.

Look first at your “other” category.  Is there a way you could move some of those items into different categories?

Next, look to see if your categories are generic.  For instance “shoes” “clothes” “toys” make them more specific like “Gymboree” “Hanna Andersson” “Carebears” that way, if a person comes to your store and looks for one item, they will see your categories and think “Oh, they have Carebears, I’ll take a look to see which ones they have.”

I found that my items sell faster when I have specific categories.

#5 Experiment with selling different items.

Don’t put your eggs all in one basket……think about how you can branch out into a different market of buyers.  If you sell clothes, have you tried selling shoes?  Have you tried selling men’s clothes? Plus size clothes?  Children’s clothes? Athletic clothes?  If your store is a mixture of different things, have you tried selling mugs? Backpacks?

Don’t be shy.  Just because you’ve never sold that kind of item before doesn’t mean you can’t.  It takes a little while to learn about new items, what makes them sell and how to list and ship them the best way, but if you don’t try something new, you’ll get the same results you’ve always had.  Try one or new types of items this month, I think you’ll be surprised what’s out there that can sell on eBay.

Best of Luck!


Thriftstore Item to Look For: Plush Curious George

February 22, 2011 by The Selling Sisters  
Filed under Ebay, Finding Inventory, Thrifting

Curious George is such a classic. Iremember watching him when I was 4 years old.

I’ve had good success with selling Curious George plush on eBay.  I pick up any of the plush that I find, the old ones, the new ones, small ones, big ones. Some bring in more money than others, but since Curious George is something that I “stock” in my store and have a category for, I say the more the merrier!

I find the classic George, George dressed for Easter, George dressed for Christmas and everything in between.


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