Using eBay Selling Manager to Increase Efficiency

One of the things I’m focusing on in my eBay store right now is increasing my efficiency in listing, shipping, storing, organizing, and how I manage my eBay store.

Sometimes, I start doing something and get into a rhythm of what works  keep doing it that way, even if something else is more efficient, because that’s what I know and how I’ve always done it.

Last night, I added eBay’s Selling Manager to my account.  Previously, I had been using myebay without Selling Manager.

When I started selling, I didn’t subscribe to it and over the years I got used to using myebay and just quickly added up daily sales totals in my head to see where I was in relation to my goals.

The thought has crossed my mind to check out Selling Manager to see if it would benefit me, but I’ve been so busy listing, selling, and enjoying being self employed that I never took a look at it.

Last night, after it was added to my account, I was thinking “WOW, this is AWESOME!”  It shows you your daily sales total, weekly, monthly, 60 and 90 days.  It shows you which categories in your store are selling the most items, it tells you all KINDS OF STUFF.  I went to bed thinking, “I should have added Selling Manager a long time ago.”  I’m so excited, it’s going to do so many things for me that I’ve been doing manually or in my head.

Selling Manager is FREE for eBay sellers and Selling Manager Pro is FREE if you have a Premium eBay store. If you’re not using Selling Manager as a tool to help you with your eBay business, take a look and consider trying it out.

You can find out more about eBay’s Selling Manager


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