This Week of Treasure Hunting

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I haven’t been treasure hunting much this year.

I stop at the thrift store once in awhile when I have a few minutes, but spending time in a thrift store and stopping on purpose to treasure hunt hasn’t happened much.

I’m constantly amazed at what I find around the house each week to list online.

This past weekend, we decided to get out of town for a few days and visit some friends.  The friends we stayed with are an eBay family too, so the first day we were there, she asked me if I wanted to stop by the Post Office with her and stop to look at the Goodwill…… don’t have to ask me twice :D  She’s lucky because her Post Office is in the same parking lot as her Goodwill (every eBay sellers dream come true!)

I found a few good items there:

When I saw these , there was only ONE of them :(  I put it in my cart anyway and looked at the rest of the shoes, praying the whole time that I would find the other one.  Two aisles over, and there it was :D

I also found these there.

Along with this

I also found a few other pairs of jeans, some athletic clothes and a few other pairs of shoes.  The next day, I went to the Hanna Andersson outlet.  Those of you who know me on facebook and online selling forums know how much I love Hanna Andersson :)  I felt like I did really good at their sale.

I got several pairs of They had navy blue and black on sale, so I got several pairs of both.

It was a ton of fun to see what they would have at the Hanna sale, and lots of fun to just get away for a few days and spend time with some friends.


Rachel’s Top 5 Picks on eBay

June 12, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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I’ve been listing so much lately that it’s hard for me to choose just five items to share with you today, but here goes……..

#1 This week is a . I have to say that I think Rex has got to be my favorite Toy Story character………he is just super cute. I hope he finds a fantastic home to go to :)

#2 Is this SUPER cute

#3 Is this cozy pair of

#4 When I laid eyes on this doll, I thought she was the cutest thing ever, she’s a

#5 These bright pink are not only precious, but perfect for the beach, pool or water park.


Rachel’s Top 5 Picks on eBay

I’ve been on a listing spree for the last few weeks, and some things are selling as fast as I can list them. Thisis a great problem to have, but it also means that some of my new faves have gone out the door before I post them for you.

This week, my faves center around summer.

It’s getting gorgeous outside and I’m super excited about pulling out swimming suits, flip flops and sunglasses :)

#1 Is the cutest pair of swimming shorts I’ve ever seen, by I have them available in both size 70 and 80.

#2 Is an awesome pair of size 36.

#3 Here’s a gorgeous pair of I have them available in size 0 and size 14.

#4 These flip flops from completely say “summer” to me :)   I have them available in both orange and pink in sizes 4/5 (girls) and 7/8 (infant)

#5 This “Jayne” is perfect for summer!


Rachel’s Top 5 eBay Picks

It’s tough for me to just pick out five  faves in my store to show- case, but here we go.

Here’s this week’s Top 5 Picks for you in no particular order.

#1 I think is my all time fave: .  I originally had several different sets of these, but as of right now, I just have a few of this set left.

#2 I’m a HUGE fan of Hanna Andersson and I absolutely LOVE these I got lots of compliments on them all summer long.

#3 Here’s a different than the other one I had that sold for $79.99.  This one isn’t worth as much, but still pretty cool!

#4 I use coffee mugs for so much more than coffee.  I love to use them to eat ice cream, soup, pasta salads and other favorite foods out of.  This mug just looks cheerful!

#5 These are so incredibly cute!  Who COULDN’T use a set of 


Question From the Inbox: Would you sell in lots or individually?

Here’s a great question that landed in my inbox the other day.  It’s always great to hear from our readers and take a look at what they’re doing online.  This question is from

Hi There. I had a quick question for you since I know you have a lot of Hanna clothes listed. I just scored about 4 dresses in the same size. Would you list them separately or in a lot? Which would be better?

Also, is 140 items the # that makes getting the second level store worthwhile?
Thanks so much.
Love the Selling Sisters!

Hey, how are you? Hope 2012 is going good for you! I list all of my Hanna’s separately, what size are they?

Also, you want to find the line name, serious Hanna buyers know the name of the Hanna’s they’re looking for. You can look them up at or .

I believe that 250 is where the premium store is more economical, so when you’re getting close to that, you might want to consider it. Thanks for reading the blog!


I absolutely adore Hanna’s and I’m thrilled that Annjanette has been finding them in her area! Listing Hanna’s individually with their line name helps you get more money for your Hannas.  Hope this question from the inbox was helpful to you too……if you have a question for The Selling Sisters, please send it to:
thesellingsistersonline @  (Take out the spaces)

We’d love to hear from you!

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