Online Selling Tip of the Week

My selling tip for you this week doesn’t get any more basic than this:

~List the items you’ve purchased before buying more inventory ~

In my early years of selling online, I was famous for having boxes and bins of unlisted inventory and leaving it sit there while I went shopping for more.  Not anymore.  If it’s not listed, it can’t sell, which means I have money invested in my inventory and it’s just sitting there with no chance for it to make me a profit.

Now I’m pretty strict with myself about listing what I have before buying more because so many times when I would list items that had been sitting around for months, the items would sell within days of listing them and I would be kicking myself……..why didn’t I list that sooner?

No more kicking myself.  When I buy it, I try to have it listed within 48 hours, and if I’m not able to list within 48 hours, I list it before I go out to buy more.  So give it a try, I think you’ll like the results.


Online Seller Challenge: Stop Shopping

June 14, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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I know that most of us who sell online just love shopping…….that’s why we’re in this line of work, anyway……right?

I’d like to challenge you this week (some of you, this MONTH) to stop shopping, don’t buy one more thing.

Spend all of the time you would normally spend shopping getting items listed.  Even items that you have in your “to be listed” pile that you’re not super excited about listing, try to get them listed.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your sales will increase and how much more money you’ll make by not investing  money into more inventory.  When you have inventory that’s not listed, it’s actually costing you money to sit there. Those items don’t have any potential of selling if they’re not listed.

Spend a day (or two!) this week at home working on listings.  Make it fun!  Do something like work all morning and then take the kids swimming, or go for coffee with a friend in the afternoon.

You business can’t grow if you’re constantly spending money on inventory that’s not for sale.


eBay Seller Challenge: Get Your Items Listed

One of the most important parts of selling online, whether it’s eBay, Etsy, or any other venue, is getting your items listed.

It’s fabulous to find great items at yard sales and thrift stores, but if they’re just sitting around your house they’re not going to make you money.

Listing your items  online is the same as having a brick and mortar store and putting your items out for sale.

Keeping your items stored in the back room where customers can’t look at them you don’t make a profit.

Imagine with me that you had a brick and mortar store and decided to keep your inventory in the back room. Customers come and go from your store all day long for weeks and then you decide to put the  inventory from the back room out for sale.  You set up your display and the merchandise just sits there, none of it sells.

A customer walks in the door and starts looking around, they walk up to your display and remark to their friend “Look at these!  I bought a pair of shoes just like these at a little shop downtown a few weeks ago.”  They finish looking around and then walk out the door.

By keeping your stock “in the back room” you missed out on sales.

This same scenario applies to your online store. If your items are sitting around your house unlisted, you’re missing out on potential sales. You have no idea how many customers are  searching for your unlisted items right now and buying them from someone else because yours isn’t available.

I know that shopping is fun, and shipping is important, but don’t get too carried away with your shopping that you’re not listing the items you’re purchasing.  Even if you have to make a deal with yourself that you don’t do any more shopping until your items are listed–do it.  I think you’ll be surprised at how many items you have sitting around waiting to be listed that will sell quickly.

It’s such a great feeling to catch up on your listings. When you start treasure hunting again, you’ll be able to get  it listed and then go out and do more shopping.


Motivate Yourself…..Have a Listing Party

November 11, 2010 by The Selling Sisters  
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Need an extra boost to get some listings done?  Boxes, bins and bags of inventory sitting around the house?

Throw yourself an eBay  (or Etsy) listing party and get ‘er done :)

Here’s how:

*Organize your inventory to be listed by similar items.

*Take pictures of 15-20 items and get them loaded and ready to go.

*Pick a day and time to focus on your listings.

*Turn some of your favorite music on.

*Have your favorite beverage sitting on the desk. (Chai, Coffee, Cider, Hot Cocoa, Water, whatever you prefer.)

*Put on a pair of cozy sweats or your favorite outfit.

*Log off of facebook ( ;) )

*Start listing your items, (listing similar items back to back saves time.)

*Reward yourself for reaching your listing goal.

This is also a lot of fun if you have a few friends who sell online too, you can challenge each other on that day to see who got the most listings done.

Usually, when I don’t feel motivated to list and I make myself get started, after the second listing, I thinki, “This is going so quickly, I don’t know why I ever put it off in the first place.”