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Online Selling Tip of the Week

November 18, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
Filed under Ebay, Selling Tips, Working At Home

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If you list your items as “good till canceled” take a look at your “active” listings.

eBay puts a note on the ones that have been listed for 16 months without any sales and tells you that you may consider revising them.

When I see these, I end them, click on “sell similar”  make some revisions to the title, pictures, price, etc and list the item again.  A lot of times, just a little bit of revising and a fresh listing will draw enough attention to an item for it to sell.


How to Obtain Consistent Online Sales

This is something that every seller, new or experienced struggles with at some point in their online selling career.  If I had the answer to how to make your sales consistent 100% of t the time, I’d be a millionaire.  (Which I’m not.)  There are a few things that I’ve observed in my years of selling online that I believe contributes to having the dollar amount of your sales being consistent from month to month.

1. Stock a variety of items in your store.

If you decide that you’re going to sell backpacks online, most likely you will see a spike in sales from August – October, which is great but certain months out of the year when your product isn’t in demand, your sales will be low.

Try to think of things that will sell each month of the year and start stocking those items in your store so you’ve got it listed and ready to go when the items are in demand.  That way, you’ve got items listed in your store that will be popular sellers each month or “season” of the year.

Here’s the types of items that I carry so that I’m ready for different times of the year:  (You’ll probably have some ideas to add too.)



*Athletic clothes








2. List new items consistently.

This has always been a core belief of mine when it comes to selling online.  I built my store on this principle, and recently proved it again.

I had maintained my store at close to 1200 items for nearly the last year when I decided to move across the country and liquidate the majority of my inventory.  I ended some listings and put them in my yard sale.  I ran sales in my store, I auctioned items off and in the end, I went for a period of nearly six weeks without listing new items.

During that time, my inventory went from 1200 items to 400 items.  While I made some good money in those six weeks of liquidating, my sales were almost non-existent for almost three weeks after that.  I was finding some fantastic items and listing as much as I could every day. But, I was lucky  to have $15 in sales.

Because of the fact that I hadn’t been listing any new items for six weeks, even my existing listings suffered.  As soon as I got my inventory back up to 500 listings, I saw a HUGE increase in sales, and it wasn’t just my new listings selling.  Previous listings were selling just as much as new listings.  The work you do in your store today equals the sales you’ll see in your store over the next few weeks.  So if you’re listings an item or two a day, you can expect to sell about an item or two a day.  At one point last year, I was listing (with the help of my assistant) nearly 100 items a week, and selling an average of 60-75 items a week.

Even if you have items listed already, if you’re not listing anything new this week, you probably won’t be making very many sales next week, that’s just how it has always been in my 7+ years of selling on eBay.

3. Set realistic goals and actively work toward them.

I can’t say enough about this one.  If you don’t have a goal, you’ll never reach it.  A goal can be how many items you want to list, a dollar amount of sales, or a goal of how many new feedback you want to work for that month.  You could even set a goal to stop shopping until everything in your to be listed bin (for some of us, bins) is listed, OR your goal could be to stop reading about it and thinking about it and start selling online this month.

Whatever your goal is, make a decision and then take steps to reach that goal.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Work on it little by little.  Do a little bit to build your business each day and the results will come in.