A Watched Pot Never Boils

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I hear from a lot of sellers that they list items and get  discouraged when they don’t sell right away…….or when sales are slow.

Let me just tell you out of love that the old saying “A watched pot never boils” is true.

The more you log in and stare at your store, the more you analyze your listings to see how many watchers you have, or what changes you could make that would get an items to sell, the more it’s gonna drive you crazy.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn too my first couple of years on eBay.  I wanted to be one of “those” people that I’d always heard about who makes decent money off of eBay, but I learned quickly that logging in and getting discouraged over my lack of sales was not going to help me in any way become the seller I wanted to be.

The best thing to do when your sales are slow is to hit the thriftstores or yardsales, and get those treasures listed.

Don’t worry that your sales are slow, or that things aren’t selling as quickly as you’d like them to sell.  The point is that they’re there and ready as soon as the right buyer comes along. Your sales might not be as slow as you think they are, but if you’re logging in multiple times a day and staring at your dashboard, it’s not going to help you make more sales.

Listing items is what helps you increase your sales.  The more options that are available in your store, the more likely customers will be to find an item in your store that they just have to have!

So, the next time you log in to eBay and your sales are slow…….grab some items from your “to be listed” pile and get busy!  You’ll be surprised at how fast things sell when you’re busy listing.


Setting Goals to Grow Your Online Business

When I started selling on eBay, a little over 5 years ago, I primarily sold items on auction.  I had a few things that my dad wanted to sell and a few things of my own to get rid of.  As Lizzie and I talked, I began to think that selling on eBay was something  I could do  to earn income each month.

I decided to open a store and got busy listing items.

I still kept things on auction each week and worked hard to fill up my little store.  My first goals were things like having enough items in my store to have 2 store pages and then it was trying to have 100 items in my store.  I began setting sales goals too.

My first goal was to sell 5 items a week.

Then it became selling $10 a day.  I remember when I decided to up my goal to $30 in sales a day.  It seemed like a daunting task, but each time I set my goals,  I worked toward them harder and harder.  I analyzed my store, my inventory, my wording, my titles and categories to figure out what I could do to bring  sales up to the next level.

Now, 5 years later, my goal is to have at least 3 $100 days a week, and to list as many items as I can that are $29.99 and up. I love it when I list items in the “and up” range :) .

During this process, I’ve experimented a lot with categories, inventory, & sales.

If you’re serious about making money on line but you don’t have goals, it’s kind of like “playing press your luck”. You’re telling yourself “big money, big money, no whammies.”

Goals help you have a sense of direction and give you something to work toward.

“Most people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.”

I’d love to hear some of your selling and listing goals.