I Reached My Goal for 2010!

I had several goals for 2010.  One was to increase my monthly sales, and I’m proud to say that they were double 2009’s sales almost every month in 2010.

Even though increasing sales is a good goal, and a fun one to accomplish, I was even more excited when I reached my goal of receiving 1000 positive feedback in 12 months.

It took awhile to get it to that point……it kept reading 996, then 998, the it would drop to 990……aaaaaggggghhhhhh…….but FINALLY, the last week of the year, I hit 1,000 positive feedback for the 12 month period.  I was SUPER excited to see that number on my feedback profile.  It’s now at 1041 positive feedback for the year :D

I love the sense of accomplishment when little goals are reached.  Your goals don’t have to all be financial.  They can be goals to improve your DSR’s, feedback goals, listing goals, maintaining a certain level of store inventory, sell a certain number of items…….whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Just set a goal or two and start working on them.

When you reach your goals, I hope you enjoy watching your business grow as much as I do.


Business Goals for the New Year

I’m not one to set New Year’s “resolutions” because I’ve done that in the past and  I’ve found that what happens is you work on them for a week, mess up on them and throw them out the window.

A few years ago, I started setting New Years Goals because goals are something that we can work on one step at a time and we have the entire year to accomplish them :)   So, if it’s not done right away, it’s no big deal because I can work on it later in the year.

I like to set personal goals and business goals for the new year.

Goals can be something simple that can be accomplished in an afternoon, or they can be something more complex that involves several steps in the process and will be completed over time.

Whatever you choose for your new year’s goals, I’ve found a formula for goal setting that has helped me a lot……setting SMART goals.

SMART breaks down to:

Specific-Don’t be generic or you’ll never accomplish your goal.  Write down specifically what your goal is.

Measurable-You have to be able to measure the outcome.  Don’t just set a goal to “increase” your online sales, that’s something that is hard to measure.  Set a goal to increase your online sales by a percentage or a specific dollar amount.

Attainable-Don’t overwhelm yourself.  If you set a specific goal to sell $40,000.00 online this year, and last year you sold $10,000.00, that’s going to be difficult to attain.  Baby steps are important.  If you sold $10,000.00 last year, you could increase that to $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 this year. (Unless you found a very hot piece of merchandise recently :)

Realistic-If you want to increase your online sales from $20,000.00 last year, up to $40,000.00 this year, that’s fine, but you have to be realistic about it.  If you have 10 hours a week to spend on your online business, is it realistic for you to be able to double your sales this year?

Timely-Give yourself a time frame to attain the goal.  Sometimes, I set my goals for the year and then look at the list each month to pick one goal that I’m going to concentrate on that month.

If you’ve never set new years goals for yourself or your business, consider giving it a try this year.  I started setting new years goals and using the SMART method 5 years ago.  I’ve found that I get so much more accomplished this way.

Here’s to a productive and incredible 2011!!!


Setting Goals to Grow Your Online Business

When I started selling on eBay, a little over 5 years ago, I primarily sold items on auction.  I had a few things that my dad wanted to sell and a few things of my own to get rid of.  As Lizzie and I talked, I began to think that selling on eBay was something  I could do  to earn income each month.

I decided to open a store and got busy listing items.

I still kept things on auction each week and worked hard to fill up my little store.  My first goals were things like having enough items in my store to have 2 store pages and then it was trying to have 100 items in my store.  I began setting sales goals too.

My first goal was to sell 5 items a week.

Then it became selling $10 a day.  I remember when I decided to up my goal to $30 in sales a day.  It seemed like a daunting task, but each time I set my goals,  I worked toward them harder and harder.  I analyzed my store, my inventory, my wording, my titles and categories to figure out what I could do to bring  sales up to the next level.

Now, 5 years later, my goal is to have at least 3 $100 days a week, and to list as many items as I can that are $29.99 and up. I love it when I list items in the “and up” range :) .

During this process, I’ve experimented a lot with categories, inventory, & sales.

If you’re serious about making money on line but you don’t have goals, it’s kind of like “playing press your luck”. You’re telling yourself “big money, big money, no whammies.”

Goals help you have a sense of direction and give you something to work toward.

“Most people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.”

I’d love to hear some of your selling and listing goals.