Rachel’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

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I’ve been finding some great items lately, it’s always so hard for me to narrow down my favorites to five for you, so here are some new listings that I’m really excited about.

#1 These shoes are adorable.  I wish they were my size.

#2 I’ve never seen a before.  He’s so adorable!

#3 This is perfect for Fall.

#4 This skirt is so pretty.  Corduroy with embroider and extra details.  Another fabulous item for Fall.

#5  This is adorable!


That’s What it’s All About

December 6, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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This week, I was talking to a friend of mine who’s having severe pain in her knees.  Some of us were giving suggestions on some things she could try that are all natural to help reduce the pain.  She mentioned that one thing she knew of that would really help her is a new pair of shoes and that she was really hoping to get some Birkenstocks for herself, maybe for Christmas.

I know how much Birks cost and I know she lives on a tight budget and I knew that I had a pair of like new Birks in my store that for some reason have been sitting around without even so much as an offer from anyone.  I kept asking myself, “Why haven’t those sold yet?”  I asked her what size she wore and asked her to measure her foot from toe to heel when she was able to.

Later that night she messaged me with her measurements and I pulled out the Birks to measure them.  I measured the foot bed and got chills.  It was the exact same measurement she gave me.  I measured again just to be sure and it was an exact match.  I messaged her and told her that the measurements were the same and that she is more than welcome to have them if she’d like them.  When I sent her the picture of them, she said…………OH MY WORD.  Those are the EXACT Birks that I was saving for!

I immediately took them out of my store and I sent them out to her the next morning as an early Christmas gift.  Not only was she so excited to receive them, but I was excited to be able to send them to her.  Not just to meet the need of the shoes that she wanted, but hopefully they will help ease the pain her knees are having.

I love making sales, and I especially enjoy making the BIG sales.  I know that I have to earn a living, but in my opinion, if I know someone who has a need, and I can meet that need, a “God Bless You” or an “I’ll be praying for you” just doesn’t cut it.  I would actually feel guilty about selling the shoes to someone else when I know that my friend needs them and can’t afford to pay full price for them.  What kind of a friend would I be if I was more concerned about my pocket than taking care of my friend?

We’ve all heard “It’s more blessed to give than to receive” it’s a principle that I try to live by.  I don’t believe that being greedy and selfish is the way to go, even when running a business. Honestly, I was even more excited to be able to meet her need than I would have been if they had sold for $59.  I have faith that God will take care of my needs as I look for ways to help meet the needs of the people around me.


Online Selling Tip of the Week

Save money on shipping shoes by utilizing Flat Rate Priority envelopes.

This doesn’t work for all shoes, but sandals, ballet shoes, canvas tennis shoes, and kids shoes can ship for a whole lot less using this method.

Try different shoes and see what you think will work for your inventory.

You don’t want to ship bulky athletic shoes, heels or shoes that can be easily crushed in them.


Rachel’s Top 5 eBay Picks of the Week

September 24, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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I’m more than excited about these five items that I posted on eBay this week………..I did some shopping over Labor day weekend and here’s what I found :D

#1 is a product that I love to use frequently, so I thought I’d carry it in my store.   perfume is fantastic (I also have GAP Dream listed.)

#2 These are stunning!

#3.  I couldn’t pass up this gorgeous .

#4 Here’s another great item from White House Black Market.  This is one of my favorite finds from the weekend.

#5.  Quite honestly, this is probably the most adorable one I’ve ever seen.  I’m so tempted to keep it for myself :)


Thriftstore Item to Look For: SAS Comfort Shoes

Here’s an item that has made it’s way to my Complete List of Thriftstore Items to Look For: SAS Comfort shoes.

When I first saw a pair of SAS shoes, well…….they didn’t really strike me as something that I would wear, but they were band new and looked like an item that would be a good seller, so at $4.99, I gave them a try.  There were 2 pairs in the same size, so I bought them both.  They stayed in my store for awhile, but within a couple of months, BOTH pairs sold to the same buyer :)   That was a nice $80 sale!  Now I’m hooked on looking for SAS.


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