Online Selling Tip of the Week

Build up your followers on Twitter and start using eBay’s app to automatically tweet your listings for you:

Froo! Smart Social is the name of it.

It will automatically tweet your listings for you or post them to Facebook, or both.  You set up the rules for tweets.  I have mine set to tweet all new listings, one listing per hour.


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Who’s Pinning You?

If you’d like to know who’s been pinning your things, go to this link (enter your domain name)

Check out The Selling Sisters source page.

Finding out who pinned content from  your site can help you determine what type of content your followers like to see.

While you’re at it, follow The Selling Sisters on


Facebook Custom URL for your Fan Page

Creating a custom url for your Facebook fan page is quick and painless. I just did this for The Selling Sisters fan page and it took less than a minute.

Your fan page must have 25 fans before you can do this.

2. click “set a user name”

3. enter the username you wish to use

If you’ve chosen your username for the url before you start, it will be quick. Facebook checks to see that the name is available and you’re done.

Make sure to think about the following:

1. Your name can’t be changed once it’s set.

2. Make sure you spell it correctly!

3. It’s not case sensitive–so it will direct people to your page if they forget to capitalize.


Who’s Talking About You?

A great way to check your presence online is .

Enter your username or blog id and see if anyone is talking about you.