Online Selling Tip of the Week

Build up your followers on Twitter and start using eBay’s app to automatically tweet your listings for you:

Froo! Smart Social is the name of it.

It will automatically tweet your listings for you or post them to Facebook, or both.  You set up the rules for tweets.  I have mine set to tweet all new listings, one listing per hour.


Items That Sell Right Away

Lately, I’ve been trying to get my items out the door faster.  I want to decrease the time from the time I when I purchase an item until I ship it to the customer.

Here’s my strategies for accomplishing this task:

#1 Look for items that are HOT sellers and higher in demand.

I’ve been trying to think short term, what is the next season or holiday coming up and focus on those items.  Also, some brands seem to fly out the door for me, so I try to stick with those while branching out and trying some new brands or types of items too.

#2 Price items to sell.

In the past, I was a huge fan of over pricing and accepting offers, but right now since I’m in a rebuilding phase and my online sales are 90% of my income, I’m pricing items to sell.  That means I might make a little bit less on the items than I could if I waited longer, but right now I need to turn my items as quickly as possible.  For instance if I’d normally price a pair of jeans or shoes at $59.99, right now I’m pricing them at $49.99.  If I’d normally price a plush at $29.99, I’m pricing it at $24.99.  I’d rather mark it down a little bit right now than have it sit around.

#3 Improve keywords and descriptions.

This is something that I’ve been working on for the last 10 years and I don’t think it will ever go away.  It’s amazing how I can list something one day and then analyze my store a few weeks later and think to myself……..I can’t believe I didn’t put that in the title!

I try to be as descriptive in the title as possible to give people a really good visual of the item.  Even if it’s obvious in the picture, I still state it in the title so there are no questions as to what the item is like.

#4 Utilize social networking.

I can’t stress this one enough.  Social networking is a powerful tool in this age we live in.  There are so many ways to do this.  Currently, I have my new listings set to tweet automatically.  One every few hours.  I also pin items to Pinterest.  Not every item that I list, but about 50% of them.  Pinterest has been a HUGE help with my sales.  If you’d like information on how to use Pinterest to help your sales or how to get more Pinterest followers to broaden the audience of your pins, join our Facebook Group .  There’s also information there on creating Facebook fan pages and increasing your fans on Facebook.


Simple Steps To Increase Your Sales on Bonanza

About a year ago, I set up a booth on

I import my eBay items to it almost every week so the new items that I listed will be added and the items that have sold on eBay will be deleted.

In the last year, I have sold exactly 24 items on bonanza. An average of 2 items per month
I’m grateful for these sales, the lower final value fees on this site, and the fact that there’s no listing fees. I can’t help but feel that I have the potential to make more sales on this site, especially since I have an average over 900 items on any given day.
I’ve been trying to figure out what to do to get more sales on this site. I’ve been told to “play” with the site a little bit.
So, I started adding favorite sellers and favorite items. I’ve also been making “Hand Picked Lists” of items. This increased my traffic a little bit. After creating my first hand picked list, I sold an item on the site the next day, so I thought I’d try to make more lists and play with the site a little more.
In the mean time, I got an email from Twitter telling me that they missed me……apparently I hadn’t logged in there in awhile, so when I had a few minutes later that week, I logged in. I saw several tweets from my friend of items for sale on bonanza. I asked her if she tweets everything that she lists on Bonanza.
She said that some of them are her listings, but that people also pay her to tweet for them. Hmmm………I wasn’t sure how that would work, so I thought about it for awhile and then talked to her again.
She said that she would stop by my and tweet a few of my listings so I could see how what it did for  my site views.
She tweeted six items for me that weekend. When I logged in on Monday, I could see that my views were much higher for the tweeted items. Exposure was up, but no sales.
Oh well, it didn’t hurt anything to try, right?
The next morning, I woke up to find a $117 sale purchased and paid for on Bonanza!!!! Someone had stopped by and purchased four items.
I was HOOKED!!!
I logged in and favorited some more items. I made another hand picked list and tweeted a few of my items on my own Twitter account. I emailed Brieanna  and asked her if she had any room in her schedule to tweet for me.
The next afternoon………..another Bonanza sale!!!!
I’ve made more money on Bonanza this week, than I’ve made in the last six months. I didn’t spend an extra cent on new inventory, just spent a little bit of time promoting my current items.
In my conversation with Brienna, I found out that tweeting your Bonanza inventory is essential because sites like eBay send your listings to Google for you, so while you can promote your eBay listings yourself, promoting your items from sites that don’t do as much promotion for you is where you should spend more of your effort. Also, the fees are lower on Bonanza, so you might as well encourage buyers to buy from you there :)
I’ve learned a lot about using Bonanza and Twitter successfully from Brienna, she’s been a HUGE help.
I purchased Twitter advertising from her the next day.  I chose  for her to tweet 5 of my Bonanza items on her Twitter account for a week.
The cost is extremely affordable. She has over 44,000 followers on Twitter (whew………) and a lot of her tweets get re-tweeted. While she can’t guarantee that you will get sales from  tweeting your Bonanza items, she can promise that your links will be exposed to her enormous Twitter audience.
Not only does she know what she’s doing on Twitter, she also knows what she’s doing on Bonanza, Brieanna has a badge in her booth for her 500th bonanza sale (that’s right, 500 sales!)
I’ll keep you posted on what happens from this week’s Twitter exposure of my Bonanza items…….finger’s crossed……..I’m optimistic that it’s going to be a GREAT week!

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