Techincal Difficulties

January 31, 2012 by The Selling Sisters  
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On Christmas Eve, I was busy helping my mom send the pictures she wanted to be printed, and had set up a SKYPE date with my brother and his family for Christmas day, when out of nowhere, my laptop crashed :(

This wouldn’t have been such a HUGE deal, except that my desktop PC is 10 years old and super slow for doing all of my online business on it, plus it doesn’t have a webcam. We were out of luck for SKYPING with family on Christmas :(

It also made me sad that it was only a year and two weeks old and it died on me…….grrrrrrr…….

I took it to Best Buy, where I purchased it and the Geek Squad took a look at it for me…..their analysis was that the hard drive died, but they were still able to see the data on it.  Their solution was for me to purchase a new hard drive ($100) a new Operating System to be installed on it ( $100) and transfer the data over to it ($90)

So, $290 to fix my computer……..I took it home and started exploring other options.  I figured for that price, I might as well go ahead and buy a new one, and hope I found a place that would transfer the data for me for free.

I took an entire day that week and devoted it to finding the best deal in town (even though I know nothing about which processor is the best, and what all of the GB, MB, RAM,etc means……)

I stopped in at Office Depot, they were having a sale on laptops, and I found one I liked for a very reasonable price.  I started talking to the store associate about it and he told me they could transfer the data from my old one for FREE!!!!  I told him the story of my dead hard drive and he said he wanted to take a look at it, because if they could see the data on it, he didn’t think the hard drive was dead.  He also said that in most cases, laptops don’t die within a year, it’s usually closer to 4 or 5 years before they start to die.

OH!  I liked the sound of that, so we brought it in for him to see, and sure enough, he said he thought there was an error in the last set up updates for the operating system and he could repair it for me for $129!  I was SUPER excited about the possibility and gladly left it with him for a couple of days for the repairs.  Sure enough, my old trusty laptop is up and running again, as good as new!