Online Selling Tip of the Week

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Build up your followers on Twitter and start using eBay’s app to automatically tweet your listings for you:

Froo! Smart Social is the name of it.

It will automatically tweet your listings for you or post them to Facebook, or both.  You set up the rules for tweets.  I have mine set to tweet all new listings, one listing per hour.


Seller Challenge: Promote Your Listings

No matter what site(s) you sell on, promoting your listings can pay off BIG time.

When you’re done working on a listing, It only takes a few seconds to promote what you just listed.

Here ares ome ideas for you:

1. T

If you don’t have a twitter account, consider setting one up. Work on building up your followers.  The more followers you have, the more people your tweets will go out to.  You can set up your eBay listings to automatically tweet for you.  If you’re selling on another site, you’ll need to manually tweet your listings, but that can be done fairly quickly either when you’re done listing, tweet as you list, or tweet a few times a week.

2. Link to your site in your email signature

Make sure you link to your site in your email signature.  You probably email people constantly about a variety of topics or business related issues.  If people are interested, they’ll click on your link and view your store.


Pinning your listings is kind of like tweeting your listings, but in my opinion it’s faster. An added bonus is that  your followers on Pinterest get to see the pictures of your item, not just read your tweet.

It’s easy to set up a board on Pinterest for your items that you have for sale.  You can decide if you want to pin listings as you go, a few times a week or whatever works for your schedule.

There are several other ways you can promote your sites and listings.  Whenever I consistently work on promoting my items I see an increase in sales.

Don’t feel like you have to spend a entire day promoting or that you have to do every type of promoting possible.

** Start small.  Pick one and try it.**

If you don’t see results, work on a different way to promote, or continue promoting the first way and start promoting the second way simultaneously and see where it takes you.

I’d love to hear what ways that you’ve promoted your items that’s been successful for you.