What To Do With The Books?~Post From The Past

I’m a book loving homeschool mom.

This is not good for my house. I find books at the thrift store and they pile up like crazy. My “to read” pile is always so huge, I feel like I’ll never get to it.

When I’m done with books, or cleaning out books here’s what I do.

1. Check eBay.

A lot of times the books I have aren’t selling for much on eBay.

Most of the time I feel that eBay is a better place to get a deal on books than to make a profit on selling books. I’m talking about normal paperbacks and older books–not collectibles or highly sought after books.

I often list homeschool books on eBay though because there seems to be a decent market for them there.

2. Check Half.com

If there are 100 books listed for .75 on Half, I don’t bother listing mine!

3. Check Amazon

Sometimes, I’m pretty pleased with the amount used books are selling for on Amazon and I list it there. Listing on Amazon is very quick and easy. Amazon deposits your commission in your checking account pretty quickly too. Ditto with the 100’s of books at .01.


isn’t a way to make money but it’s a great way to move books that aren’t worth selling and replace them with books you want!

Here’s a basic “how it works”.

*You . If you sign up and list 10 books, I will get 1 credit that’s all.

*List 10 books–books can be paperback, hardcover, children’s books, easy readers, etc. They cannot have water damage, be written in, or be advanced reader copies.

Listing is REALLY easy. You just enter ISBN numbers.

*When a member wants a book you have, you pay to ship it to them by Media Mail. When they receive it, they tell Paperback Swap and you get 1 credit to spend.

*When you want a book, you use your credits and request books and that member pays to ship it to you.

has helped me find tons of books for school and other books that I’m interested in reading. Give it a try, if you love books you’ll love it too. Recently, I reviewed a book for my personal blog. I discovered that it was a series so I went to and found the other 3 books. Thankfully, I had enough credits, so I ordered them all and they’re already here waiting for me to get busy reading!
5. Check too

On Etsy, you may be able to sell vintage books. I’ve seen people sell, type of listings with vintage books. Check out that link for clarification of this idea.

Another great thing to do with cool vintage books is to take an exacto knife to it and sell the pages to people looking for paper for their projects.

I’ve sold pages from , hymn books,, etc. I’ve listed some other vintage pages lately. If you don’t think the vintage book will sell and the pages are interesting, consider selling pages for collage or paper ephemera.

One of my customers sent me these photos of her wedding and my French book pages!

Good luck with the books!